Greenhill Volunteer Fire Department

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Station # 1 U.S. Highway 43
Florence, Alabama 35634
Station # 2 411 County Road 364
Florence, Alabama 35634

FAX (256)757-3691


FIRE CHIEF Tim Anerton
ASST FIRE CHIEF Nathan Springer
CAPTAIN Bret Monceret
1st LIEUTENANT Phillip Brewer
2nd LIEUTENANT Barry Gray 
3rd LIEUTENANT Bengie Hines

Brian Fowler-President
Bengie Hines
Ronnie Ray
Jeffrey Quillen
Wayne Wallace

SECRETARY Anthony Shaw
TREASURER Wayne Wallace
TRAINING OFFICERS Phillip Brewer/Marlin Hines
EQUIPMENT Jason Reed/Shannon Miller
SAFETY Ronnie Ray


F1-Tim Anerton-Fire Chief/EMT
F2-Nathan Springer-Assistant Chief
F3-Bret Monceret-Captain
F4-Phillip Brewer-1st Lieutenant
F5-Barry Gray-2nd Lieutenant
F6-Bengie Hines-3rd Lieutenant
F7-Stan Wallace-Fire Fighter
F8-Marlin Hines-Fire Fighter
F9-Jeffrey Quillen-Fire Fighter
F10-Brian Fowler-Fire Fighter
F11-Gerald Scott-Fire Fighter
F12-Ed Pettus-Fire Fighter
F13-Anthony Shaw-Fire Fighter
F14-Wayne Wallace-Fire Fighter
F15-Ronnie Ray-Fire Fighter
F16-Marty Wallace-Fire Fighter
F17-Jason Holloway-Fire Fighter
F18-Mark Burbank-Fire Fighter
F19-Jimmy Dison-Fire Fighter
F20-Dustin Kress-Fire Fighter
F21-Shannon Miller-Fire Fighter
F22-Kirby Hines-Fire Fighter
F23-Anthony King-Fire Fighter
F24-Mike Canfield-Fire Fighter
F25-Jason Reed-Fire Fighrer
F26-Joel Pettus-Fire Fighter
F27-Tim Burbank-Fire Fighter
F28-Brian Burgess-Fire Fighter
F29-Wayne Hines-Fire Fighter
F30-Kyle Jones-Fire Fighter
F31-Greg Thompson-Fire Fighter
F33-Andrew Springer-Fire Fighter
F34-Phillip Pettus-Fire Fighter
F36-Tyler Pettus-Fire Fighter
F37-Wes Willis-Fire Figher
R38-Justin Gallion-EMT
F39-Austin Grissom-Fire Fighter/EMT
F40-Jackie Ivey-Fire Fighter
F41-Donna Ivey-Fire Fighter
F42-Dewanna Burbank-Fire Fighter
F43-Pat Aday-Fire Fighter
F44-Chance Wisdom-Fire Fighter
F45-Justin Sykes-Fire Fighter
F47-Brittney Burgess Fire Fighter
F47-Richard Snider-Fire Fighter
F48-Almon Kerr-Fire Fighter
F50-Boyd Gist-Fire Fighter

R35-Cletus Tidwell-EMT

Serving our Community
Since 1972

"We Volunteer
We Care"

Our Department was founded in 1972. It began with only 1 truck that was loaned to us by the Alabama Forestry Commission and was stationed in the old bus garage at Rogers High School. Later on, we received a second truck and a station was then needed. We purchased the old Masonic Lodge and coverted it into our new fire station located on county road 47.

In 1980 we build a new fire station, which is also our current station # 1. In 1982 we purchased a brand new Chevrolet mini-pumper from E-ONE for ,000.00. A few years later we received an International Tanker from the Alabama Forestry Commission bringing us to 4 trucks serving our town. In 1987 we purchased our first Class A pumper, a 1961 Ward LaFrance, making our fleet up to a total of 5. After converting a military Jeep truck into our first brush truck, it was selected to represent District # 9 in state competition in Montgomery, Alabama. It was selected as the 1989 "Brush Truck of the Year" in the state of Alabama.

In 1991 we rerated for the first time in our short history and lowered our rating from a 9 to a 7. A few years later we replaced one of our military trucks with a 1980 International Tanker. In 1994 we purchased some land on county road 364 and built station # 2. In 1996 we purchased 2 Class A pumpers, a 1966 Ward LaFrance and a 1971 Ford Young Fire Apparatus. In 1998 we replaced the old International tanker with a 1987 Mack Tanker.

In 2000 we retired all of our debts and then purchase a new pumper from E-ONE. A 2002 GMC Pumper.

In 2002, US President Bill Clinton signed the Fire Dept Assistance Program or better known as the Fire Grant Act which gives Fire Depts financial assistance thru the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Our dept. was one of the first to recieve this grant in its initial year. We recieved a grant for ,000.00 for the purchase of Fire Equipment. We used this grant to bring all 3 engines up to ISO standards.

In 2003 We began a Monthly Fish Fry to help cover expenses. It is held every second Saturday from 4-7 p.m. at Rogers High School Cafeteria

In 2004, we traded in our 1971 Ford pumper for a 1983 Emergcy One PemFab pumper. We also began work on re rating our station for an ISO audit that we hope to have in the near future.

Email Chief Tim Anerton